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MOWW Accomplishments over the Years


* Patriotic Education Committee… Formed to support and coordinate the many Patriotic Education Programs of the Order.

* ROTC Programs… Early supporters of the establishment and growth of the programs during the years prior to World War II.

* Congressional Charter… Provides recognition that MOWW is numbered among the most significant Veteran’s Organizations.

* Boy and Girl Scout Programs… Provide support and recognition for the achievement of the highest level in the Scouting Programs.

* Massing of the Colors… This colorful ceremony was instituted by MOWW and is now seen in communities across the Nation as a key patriotic event.

* Distinguished Service Award… Presented each year to Nationally recognized patriots, who are honored for having rendered great service to our National Defense.

* Armed Forces Day… Originally established as a result of the efforts of the Military Order as “ARMY DAY” in 1928. It became “Armed Forces Day” in 1950.

* Purple Heart medal… The Order supported the re-establishment of the medal during the tenure of the Chief of Staff of the Army General Douglas Mac Arthur, who had also served as the elected Commander in Chief of The Order. Members include Pershing, Mac Arthur, Marshall, Truman, Westmoreland, Mundy, Boorda, Sullivan.

* Officer Review Magazine… Published in ten issues annually, has received numerous awards over the years for articles written by members of the Order.