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MOWW Programs

Support for National Security

The Order sponsors ongoing programs by which you can help the nation maintain a strong military posture. Over the years, our consistent, effective support has helped with significant legislative, personnel, and hardware improvements in our national security position.

Youth Leadership and Patriotic Education Programs

You can help promote much-needed patriotic education in our nation’s schools through the Military Order’s patriotic education program. Thousands of citizens each year participate in programs sponsored directly and supported by the Order, including seminars at the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge, and twelve other sites across the Nation. In addition, the Order provides books and materials for students to learn about the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and our Flag. Outstanding future leaders get an education that helps to keep alive our National Heritage and Free Enterprise System.

Reserve Officer Training Corps Support (ROTC)

America will always need qualified military leaders — regardless of the ebb and flow of military sentiment. You can play a part in developing this leadership through the Order’s active programs which support the military academies and ROTC. These programs help make students and the public aware of the advantages of military education, as well as recognize more than 2,400 outstanding ROTC cadet students each year. The Order provides support for both the Junior and Senior ROTC Programs each year. The Order also directly contributes to programs established to provide training and education for “Youth at Risk”. Support is provided during the school year and during summer camp programs. Awards are presented to outstanding cadets at annual ceremonies by Chapter members.

Respected Voice in Washington…and around the World

The Military Order enables you to unite with thousands of other citizens and know that you will be heard on matters of national security, law and order and other important issues. The Order presents its opinions to all branches of government…along with the facts and figures, resolutions, and important military expertise to strengthen the nation at home and abroad.