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AZYLC 2000

AZYLC 2000 Delegates

2000 MOWW-Arizona Youth Leadership Conference Yavapai College Prescott, AZ July 11-July15, 2000

Lluvia Carrizoza Patagonia
Jenna Childress Mesa
MacKenna Nelson Colorado Springs
Jeremy Boedigheimer Colorado Springs
Mark Wilkerson Security, CO
Eric Ross Scottsdale
Mary Aroz Tucson
Joey Ellie El Paso, TX
Chris Marchese Glendale
Christina Nord Patagonia
Suzanne Givan Peyton, CO
Jacque Janzik Phoenix
Amanda Sanders Mesa
Jason Beazley Phoenix
Alissa Veuthey Colorado Springs
Bernardo Diaz El Paso, TX
Jessica LaBudda Colorado Springs
Gustavo Aponte El Paso, TX
Patrick Doyle Denver
Kip Price Tucson
Tom Critz El Paso, TX
Dominic Williams Colorado Springs
Nevin Ashley Colorado Springs
Lee Malik Aurora, CO
Clover Lynch Glendale
Audrey Hoopes Mesa
Kimberly King Colorado Springs
Andre Battles El Paso, TX
Adam Free Kearney
Nick Arnold Colorado Springs
Dominick Eger Avondale
Richard Vaynshteyn Aurora, CO
Brendon Keefer Aurora, CO
Sarah Harkins Chandler
Christine Stevens Sierra Vista
Claudia Torres El Paso, TX
David Romero Kearney
Katie Romero Phoenix
Michelle Juarez Colorado Springs
Ivonne Solano El Paso, TX
Michael Stephenson Aurora, CO
Christopher Duve Colorado Springs
Nick Avila El Paso, TX
Tim Yuhas Phoenix
Robert Humberstone Tempe
Andrew Pardo El Paso, TX
Jordon Johns Colorado Springs
Daniel Parod Phoenix
Nathan Day Scottsdale
Brian Bowling Tempe
Bradly Nadolny Scottsdale
Bethany Springer Colorado Springs
Autumn Abbott Tucson
Magdalena Szyulska Phoenix
Fabian Molina El Paso, TX
Shelise Thayne Phoenix
Leslie Guzman Nogales
Robert Redinger Phoenix
Jason Asher Phoenix
Amie Holmberg Pueblo, CO
Hilary Smith Colorado Springs
Joe Curnow Colorado Springs
Lindsay Alvarado Colorado Springs
Jennifer Slivka Phoenix
Jessica Rattray Colorado Springs
Brandi Hendrickson Sierra Vista
James Andrews Phoenix
Donald Weaver Phoenix
David Schowe Chandler
Gary Slater Commerce City, CO
Joel Bojorquez Nogales
Vanessa Haynes El Paso, TX
Laura Clibon Colorado Springs
Jason Marstall Rio Rico
Matt Romig Phoenix
Julio Delacruz Bullhead City
Anthony Ryan Phoenix
Richard Javier Scottsdale
James Fitzgerald El Paso, TX
Gerald Witkowski Chandler
Anne Oravec Chandler
Amber Sipma Carson City, CO
Megan Caraway Peyton, CO
Lara Martin Tucson
Brian Ragsdale Colorado Springs
Kristen Buckingham Colorado Springs
Michael Haygens Sierra Vista
Colt Weddetl Mesa
Sean McCutchen Peoria
Adam House Scottsdale
Johnny Figueroa El Paso, TX
Jack Kingsford Rio Rico



Keith Schwennesen Kearney

Heather Dunn

Daniel Free Kearney

Faye Gibson        Santa Fe, NM

Shauna Schindler

Brenda Noon Nogales

Sarah Holley Casa Grande

James Edelen     El Paso, TX

Larry Cote

Tosha Smith Phoenix

Marysol Torres El Paso, TX

AZYLC 2000 Summary
From the October 2000 MOWW Officer Review magazine

The outstanding individuals that make up the Arizona Youth Leadership Conference (AZYLC) staff, led by conference Co-Directors CW4 Robert D. Kellogg and COL Joe Cataldo, faced several challenges this year before the 10th annual conference even began.

First was a change in location.  This was no minor detail, as Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, Arizona provided facilities for all 9 previous AZYLCs.  Early in the planning stages of this year’s AZYLC though, it became apparent that the conference had outgrown Embry Riddle’s capacity and would be forced to find a new venue.

Just as harrowing for the staff in the planning process, the 10th annual AZYLC had a record number of students sign-up.  The AZYLC has grown steadily over the last nine years, but this year saw a considerable bump in attendance partly as a result of the Rocky Mountain YLC bringing in 30 students from Colorado.  Although the dramatic increase in registrations was taken as a great sign of the vitality of the program, it represented a huge logistical challenge in concert with hunting for new facilities to meet the needs of such a large group.

True to form, the AZYLC staff handled these dual challenges with ease, scrutinizing possible locations across the state, visiting several of these locations, and finally securing facilities just down the road from Embry Riddle University in Prescott, Arizona on the campus of Yavapai College.

Through the commitment of  staff, counselors and presenters, and the teamwork of the excellent students who attended, the 10th AZYLC went without a hitch.  In fact, it was quite possibly the best yet!

Held from July 11 to July 15, 2000, the 10th AZYLC had just under 100 students in attendance.  Students represented 4 different states; Arizona, Colorado, Texas and New Mexico.  About half of the students at the conference were JROTC cadets, with the others being campus leaders in other academic and extra-curricular activities.  The students quickly formed bonds with each other inside of the 10 groups they were divided into upon arriving.  The students’ diverse interests and backgrounds made for great competition between these groups and resulted in several spontaneous chants of the “group colors” such as Fuscia.

Each day of the Conference notably began with a 6 am wake-up call, followed by a 6:05am group “tune-up” ritual consisting of jumping jacks and other calisthenics to get the students awake and alert for the day’s classes.   Before the students ate breakfast, each day they gathered at the flagpole for a flag-raising ceremony and meditation.  Some students even participated in the flag-raising and lowering ceremonies for the first time in their lives!

Although the patriotic education curriculum was demanding, all the classes consisted of equal parts lecture and hands-on participation workshops.  Students enjoyed the chance to put their knowledge to the test in the hands-on workshops on topics such as leadership, the U.S. Constitution, free enterprise and the Bill of Rights.

Some characters from revolutionary times even made a surprise appearance one day.  Vern Stout and other actors from the Freedoms Foundation of Valley Forge dressed in full revolutionary regalia to give a first-hand account of the drafting of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  Former President George Washington and is wife Martha even came by to give a first hand account of the revolutionary war.  From these masterful performances, students learned not only bits of revolutionary trivia, but they got a greater understanding of the times and values that brought about the United States of America.

The evenings were the most anticipated part of each day.  Each evening, students and companions would gather for an ice cream social, Bar-B-Que or other event.  Students got plenty of time at these mixers to socialize and talk with MOWW companions.  Many students remarked that they appreciated the time to talk one-on-one with the instructors of earlier classes.  All the students agreed that the time spent making friends from around the country and sharing their experiences with others at the evening mixers provided one of the most memorable aspects of the conference.

Likely, many of these future leaders will meet again when they are the ones running our great country.  Good for us that they’ll know a thing or two about the leadership, the US Constitution, the responsibilities of citizenship, and the proud record of our veterans.