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AZYLC 2001

AZYLC 2001 Delegates

Matthew Acosta – El Paso  – Hanks High School

Joe Angelini – Oro Valley – Immaculate Heart High School

Gregory J. Barry – Scottsdale – Home Educated

Chnstopher Bemhardt – Sierra Vista – Buena High School

Matt Boatner – Phoenix  – Thunderbird High School

Jacob Bull – Presidio  – Presidio High School

Amanda Burkhardt – Bullhead City  – Mohave High School

Isidro Cabrera – Tucson  – Flowing Wells High School

Chris Caseldine – Mesa   – Westwood High School

Shane Clark – Marana  – Marana High School

Michael Coyne – Goodyear  – Agua Fria High School

Stephen Crawford – Glendale  – Glendale High School

Carlos A. Cristi – Oro Valley  – Immaculate Heart High School

Jacqueline Darby – Bullhead City  – Mohave High School

Matt Eichacker – Tempe  – Marcos De Niza High School

Jose Escajeda – El Paso  – Ysleta High School

Craig Franklin – Glendale  – Cactus High School

Alison Gerbens – Mesa   – Westwood High School

Sabnna Glover – Phoenix  – Cesar Chavez High School

Clete Hargrave – Mesa  – Westwood High School

David Heintz – Tucson   – St. Gregory High School

Lorenzo Hernandez – Phoenix  – Carl Hayden High School

Mancela Hemandez – Nogales  – Nogales High School

Sheena C. Ingram – Bullhead City  – Mohave High School

Samantha Jason-Myhre – Peoria  – Peoria High School

Tim Klarkowski – Peoria   – Peoria High School

David Kraemer – Tucson  – Catalina Foothills High School

Charity Lopes – Phoenix  – Thunderbird High School

Eder Lopez – Phoenix  – Carl Hayden High School

Juanita Lopez – Phoenix  – Carl Haydn High School

Ricardo Lopez – Nogales  – Nogales High School

Shawn Lynch – Glendale  – Agua Fria High School

Colin Malchow – Tucson   – Catalina Foothills High School

Knsty Malone – Surprise  – Dysart High School

Magen Margeson – Sahuarita – Sahuarita High School

Ben Martin – Phoenix  – Thunderbird High School

Jason McCoy – Tempe – McClintock High School

Maria McGettigan – Mesa – Westwood High School

Chris T. McGurk – El Paso – Parkland High School

Leyme A. Monte – Kearny – Ray High School

Andrew Moran – Mesa – Dobson High School

Scott A. Moseby – Glendale – Apollo High School

Kann M. Motta – Glendale – Apollo High School

Michael Munoz – El Paso – Hanks High School

Stacy O’Connor – Phoenix – Thunderbird High School

Jenna O’Loane – Mesa – Dobson High School

Modesta Ortega – Youngstown – Dysart High School

Scott Parker – Bullhead City – Mohave High School

Chrystyna Pasbrig – Tempe – Marcos De Niza High School

Christopher Pearce – Sierra Vista – Buena High School

Cindy Peralta – Nogales – Nogales High School

Adam M. Perea – Canutillo – Canutillo High School

David Quintero Jr. – Phoenix – Cesar Chavez High School

lgnacio Ramos – Glendale – Glendale High School

Ali Rasmussen – Phoenix – Moon Valley, High School

Catherine Reyes – El Mirage – Agua Fria High School

Christopher D. Reyes – El Paso – Socorro High School

Manuel Rivera – Phoenix – Sunnyslope, High School

Jared Roberts – Glendale – Apollo High School

Jonathan Roe – Peoria – Cactus High School

Rodolfo Romo – El Paso – Wastwood High School

Priscilla Ross – El Paso – Parkland High School

Jesusita Ruiz – Tucson – Desert View High School

Vanessa Sahazar – El Paso – Andress High School

Amyrose Saxton – Mesa – Westwood High School

Amanda Spegal – Phoenix – Moon Valley High School

Cassandra Springer – Kearny – Ray High School

Meggen M. Temple – Tucson – Flowing Wells High School

Sharon D. Thompson – Sahuarita – Sahuarita High School

Cassidy Tomao – Glendale – Apollo High School

Devon Tucker – Arivaca – Premeria Alta High School

Rebecca Valdez – El Paso – Loretto Academy High School

Joseph R. II Valero – Cave Creek – Shadow Mountain High School

David A. Villavicencio – Nogales – Nogales High School

Ethan James Wash – Glendale – Deer Valley High School

John Winters – Tempe – Marcos De Niza High School

Matt O. Wolski – Tempe – Marcos De Niza High School

AZYLC 2000 Team Leaders

Dan Free

Adam Free

Tim Yuhas

Marisol Torres

Brenda Noon

Tosha Smith

Sarah Holley

AZYLC 2001 Summary
by Jeff Schrade for the MOWW Officer Review Magazine

When the founding fathers penned the Constitution, they found it important to state that a primary purpose of the Constitution was to “secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.”  Each year, the Arizona Youth Leadership Conference (AZYLC) in Prescott, Arizona works to prepare a group of outstanding young men and women from the Southwest for the awesome responsibilities that come with the “Blessings of Liberty” secured by our Constitution.  This year marked the eleventh year that AZYLC has worked to cultivate leadership, knowledge and patriotism in its attendees.  And from all indications, AZYLC 2001 was a stunning success.

Always mindful of the fact that when students’ hands are working, most of the time their minds are also working,  each session of lecture at the AZYLC is accompanied by a “hands-on” exercise.  These practical exercises all involve teamwork and this year included: making original skits to illustrate a leadership principle, conducting a mock trial, finding and writing their elected officials, participating in free market economy simulations and creating flags to illustrate the important principles of the week.

When the students were not busy participating in practical exercises, they were witnessing some of the best presentations on leadership and patriotism around.  Actors from the Freedoms Foundation of Valley Forge  portrayed George and Martha Washington, giving a first-hand “living history” account of the Revolutionary War.  Irvin Schlenker and the Heroes of ’76 in their colonial dress showed just how the American Flag was built, explaining the rich symbolism and history of our national flag.  Students were captivated by personal accounts of faculty such as General Bob Williams who passed on lessons in leadership he learned while working on General George Patton’s staff during World War II, and Col. Bill Fields who shared his experience as an American Indian and taught us about American Indian heritage.  Each day’s instruction began with a flag raising ceremony and ended with a retreat ceremony.  These flag ceremonies gave some students who had never before performed (or even witnessed) such a ceremony the chance to become an active participant.

Some people might say that the Blessings of Liberty are often taken for granted or ignored by today’s youth.  That would be a difficult argument to make about any of the youth who attended AZYLC 2001.   These outstanding youth leaders came away from AZYLC 2001 not just with an appreciation of their responsibilities as citizens, but with an understanding that it will be they who must secure the Blessings of liberty for themselves and their Posterity.

AZYLC 2001 Staff & Instructors