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AZYLC 2003

AZYLC 2003 Delegates

Roman Aguayo – Sahuarita – Sahuarita High School

Aimee Aguilar – Glendale – Apollo High School

David Audelo – Nogales – Nogales High School

Megan Avilucea – Las Cruces – Mayfield High School

Mark Bailie – Fountain Hills – Fountain Hills High School

Austin Baker – Hayden – Ray High School

Anthony Barringer – Tempe – Westwood High School

Miranda Barry – Florence – Coolidge High School

Noelle Bartling – Glendale – Ironwood High School

Steven Bergeman – Phoenix – Shadow Mountain High School

Brian Odell Blevins – Phoenix – Apollo High School

Kris Blouir – Phoenix – Cortez High School

Carmellia Brown – Green Valley – Sahuarita High School

Katie Nicole Brown – Glendale – Moon Valley High School

Alexander Buck – Tucson – Catalina Foot High School

William Burkhardt – Bullhead City – Mohave High School

Kathryn Burnett – Tempe – Westwood High School

Tim Butler – Phoenix – Camelback High School

Thomas Campbell – Peoria – Cactus High School

Rachel Clovis – Phoenix – Greenway High School

Kyle Conway – Tucson – Marana High School

Stephanie Cooper – Glendale – Independence High School

Daniel Cruz – Hayden – Ray High School

Dylan Curtis – Mesa – Mesa High School

Ashley Nicole Dase – Waddell – Agua Fria High School

Ralph Davis – El Mirage – Dysart High School

Elizabeth Deptula – Chandler – Dobson High School

Anthony Drummond – Phoenix – Trevor Brown High School

Marco Estrada – El Paso – Hanks High School

Raymond Fain – Mesa – Mesa High School

Davina Felix – Sahuarita – Sahuarita High School

Joshua Freitas – Glendale – Cactus High School

Cesar Garcia – El Paso – Parkland High School

Daniel Garcia – Corona – Sahuarita High School

Kenneth Garnett – Tucson – BSA High School

Sabrina Gephart – Gilbert – Highland High School

Johnathan Gilman – Phoenix – Deer Valley High School

Jenna Giorsetti – Winkelman – Ray High School

Geoffrey Goins – Chandler – Corono del Sol High School

Rene Gonzales – EL PASO – Mountain View High School

Richard Gourley – Coolidge – Coolidge High School

Janie Grant – Florence – Coolidge High School

Michelle Hall – Scottsdale – Horizon High School

Julia Hansen – Bullhead City – Mohave High School

Jolene Harrington – Marana – Marana High School

Bryan Hendren – Bullhead City – Mohave High School

Lorena Heredia – EL PASO – Jefferson High School

Richard Herman – Chandler – Marcos High School

Mitchell Holly – Gilbert – Highland High School

David Leffers – Chandler – Marcos High School

Andrea Lessard – Phoenix – Thunderbird High School

Charles Littlefield – Bullhead City – Mohave High School

Giannais Manica – Phoenix – C Hayden High School

Andrew Marshall – Phoenix – Shadow Mountain High School

Patrick McAllister – Peoria – Peoria High School

Tyler McSpadden – Gilbert – Dobson High School

Christy Micaletti – El Paso – Hanks High School

Brad Nolan – Sierra Vista – Buena High School

Jim  O’Callaghan – Phoenix – Cortez High School

Jaime Palmer – Mesa – Westwood High School

Jorge Perez – El Paso – Hanks High School

Steven Pokrant – Sahaurita – Sahuarita High School

Sharon Preiss – Phoenix – Carl Hayden High School

Kimberly  Quesada – Tempe – Westwood High School

Matthew Rawlings – Phoenix – Moon Valley High School

Ramiro Rios – EL PASO – Chapin High School

Amanda Robertson – Phoenix – Sunnyslope High School

Evan Rutherford – Phoenix – Thunderbird High School

David Salas – Mesa – Mesa High School

Robert Scheib – Phoenix – Marcos High School

Dylan Scott – Sahaurita – Sahuarita High School

Shawn Scott – Sahuarita – Pimeria Alta High School

Kelly Steinkuehler – Tucson – Immaculate High School

Lois “Liz” Stern – Peoria – Peoria High School

Amanda Stuck – Tucson – Immaculate Heart High School

Neil Sweeney – Phoenix – Thunderbird High School

Raymond Tarango – Clint – San Elizario High School

Gregory Testo – Mesa – Red Mountain High School

Sandie Valenzuela – Phoenix – Carl Hayden High School

Sloan Valenzuela – Sierra Vista – Buena High School

Oscar Vazquez – Phoenix – Carl Hayden High School

Tim Villa – Glendale – Peoria High School

Marcella Vitulli – Mesa – Dobson High School

Sophia  Volz – Mesa – Red Mountain High School

Jacqulyn Wilcox – Phoenix – Cesar Chavez High School

Joseph Woda – Chandler – Corono Del Sol High School

Trudeevia Woody – Many Farms – Chinle High School

Michelle Zamora – Avondale – Agua Fria High School

Alec Zimmermann – Tucson – BSA High School

AZYLC 2003 Summary
Arizona Youth Leadership: Actively preserving our civic inheritance
by Jeff Schrade for the MOWW Officer Review Magazine

The idea that human beings share a moral and civic inheritance that cannot be alienated is part of an American tradition that has its roots in the Declaration of Independence.  Since 1776, we have passed the American civic inheritance down generation-to-generation.  But this civic inheritance is a very fragile thing.  The American civic inheritance does not manifest itself directly in physical form; rather it takes root in the minds of men. It is the independence that gave birth to the nation, it is the rugged individualism that let us conquer the West, it is the moral rectitude that led us into two world wars in Europe and it is the force of freedom that we spread in the world this very day.

Isn’t it a miraculous thing that our civic inheritance has made it this far?  For, what avenues do we have in our society to explicitly protect it?  Of course there is the US Constitution.  Although we can count on the Constitution to protect our basic rights and to preserve the structure of our government, what exists that preserves the richer aspects of the American experience?  The answer is “not nearly enough.”

The Arizona Youth Leadership Conference (AZYLC) is one of the rare institutions created expressly to preserve of our civic inheritance.  Adhering to MOWW national patriotic education curriculum standards, the AZYLC has provided thousands of students over the last 13 years an active learning environment in which they can develop leadership characteristics.  More than that, the content of AZYLC instruction covers important Arizona state educational standards at the high school level.  AZYLC classes cover leadership, patriotism, American heritage and free enterprise.  Often, we hear the remark from students that “wish my high school teacher would have explained it that clearly.”

With a focus on developing leadership in our youth and a curriculum centered on crucial educational content, the AZYLC also aims to create a bridge across generations.  A particular session at this year’s AZYLC was especially illustrative of this point.  The brainchild of AZYLC director companion Dick Minor, he referred to the session as the “Veterans Seminar.”  This session consisted simply of a table with eight chairs attended by some of the decorated veterans who make up the AZYLC executive staff.  No script, notes nor handouts were needed because this was simply an extemporaneous personal account of those who have served our military during defining moments of the last century.

At times, voices from behind the table cracked from emotion as these stories were relayed.  At times, members of the audience wept openly when told of the atrocities that American troops have encountered in wartime.  Throughout it was clear that each American generation without exception must bear the burden of preserving our civic inheritance, whether through patriotic education or through military service.  But the overriding theme of this presentation was that the moral imperative of our country is peace. As Col. Minor put it, “Here are the greatest group of peacemakers on the face of the earth.”

As we stand on the precipice of war today, we acknowledge a very tangible threat to our way of life and our ability to safely pass on our civic inheritance.  But let us not forget the equally insidious threat to our way of life: the deterioration of American values in the minds of our countrymen and especially our youth.  Let us not lose sight of the unique role that Patriotic Education and the Youth Leadership Conferences play in the preservation of our civic inheritance for future generations.